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Blog 08

Let’s talk SAP HANA Administration

Source:, Posted by Lori Vanourek What type of learning curve should you expect when it comes to administering SAP HANA?  SAP HANA uses SQL.  If you have experience working with modern administrative tools that leverage SQL, then you will be pleased to find that the learning curve is rather minimal.  We witnessed this at SAP TechEd this year.  We offered hands-on sessions for the SAP HANA studio.  Participants were a bit tentative until they had a chance to log on to the SAP HANA studio.  The attendees began experimenting based on their own SQL knowledge, and we noticed they started to be relaxed.  They discovered that they were able to work well with the tooling,...
Blog 07

Sweet, Simple . . . and Explosive?

Source:, Posted by Swen Conrad Ever since returning from SAP SAPPHIRE in June, I wanted to write this blog. Reason being is that I got so excited to see the official announcement of both SAP Simple Finance and the HP Converged System 900 for SAP HANA pretty much in the same keynote. And why the excitement? Because it brings together. a tremendous additional business value proposition for Suite on HANA and the largest scale-up HANA appliance with up to 12TB of RAM for truly mission-critical deployments like ERP and CRM. And this, in my humble opinion, changes the cost-benefit ratio for migrating a customer’s SAP ERP system to HANA so drastically that we will...
Blog 06

What’s the Difference Between a Classic #SAPBW and #BWonHANA?

Source:, Posted by Thomas Zurek This is yet another question that I get from all angles, partners, customers but even colleagues. BW has been the spearhead SAP application to run on HANA. Actually, it is also one of the top drivers for HANA revenue. We've created the picture in figure 1 to describe - on a high level - what has happened. I believe that this not only tells a story on BW's evolution but underlines the overall HANA strategy of becoming not only a super-fast DBMS but an overall, compelling and powerful platform. Classic BW Classic BW (7.3ff) follows the classic architecture with a central DBMS server with one or more application servers attached....
Blog 05

What’s New in SAP HANA SPS 08

Source: , Posted by Michael Eacrett The new SAP HANA SPS 08 release provides functionality to accelerate, innovate, and simplify your business.  Accelerate the adoption of infrastructure applications and the integration of third party applications into your IT environments. SAP HANA offers expanded technology choices including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Intel Ivy Bridge processor-based systems and expanded support for backup & recovery solutions from multiple vendors. You can further accelerate your deployment through an expanded and certified cloud service provider network consisting of 20 partners certified to support solutions powered by SAP HANA in the...

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