Top 5 Best practices for publishing on the SAP HANA Marketplace

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The all new SAP HANA Marketplace was unveiled recently with its consumer-grade online shopping experience and capabilities. The new site features intuitive navigation, search & filter, product comparison capabilities as well as a responsive website for mobile devices.

Another key feature unveiled in this version is for product owners at SAP and its partner companies, including the innovative SAP HANA startups, to publish their products and manage their own store fronts. As HANA Marketplace is gaining momentum, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from the product teams for listing their products on the SAP HANA Marketplace and seeking guidance for providing best online experience for customers.

Find below a list of Top 5 best practices that the HANA Marketplace team has put together to help product owners tap into new sets of customers globally effectively:

1. Offer Free trials

Free trials are the most popular offers on the HANA Marketplace. It is important for prospective customers to test drive the solution before making a financial commitment. Example – SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) at

2. Offer Subscription pricing

Ideally month-to-month pricing and ability to cancel at any time, think about a price point that is in range with a credit card limit. Example – Decisions by Liquid Analytics at

3. Offer a Starter Package

Prospective customers usually want to start small and ‘kick the tires’ before making a large financial commitment. Think about a price point which will require minimal approvals and reduces barriers to decision making. Example – SAP Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Starter Edition at

4. Make Comprehensive Collateral Available Online

Include datasheets, brochures, FAQ, demo videos, customer testimonials….anything to make customer more knowledgeable about your product via e-learning with the aim of eliminating classroom trainings and support calls. Example – SAP HANA App Services offering of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform at

5. Offer Immediate Purchase and Deployment

Customers want instant gratification today. Have a “Buy Now” call-to-action rather than “Contact Us”. Also, make the software available for immediate download and provision the hardware immediately in the cloud. The products should ideally have wizard-based configuration and in-app support capabilities. Example – SAP HANA Cloud Platform Starter Edition

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